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Zhoushan has become the country's first paperless port for shipping clearance

 Fill in the departure time, tick the box before the four documents, check the confirmation information, click "declaration" with the mouse, and complete the departure declaration of international sailing ships in 2 minutes. At 1:45 PM yesterday, jiang tao, a salesman of Chinas zhoushan ocean shipping agency co., LTD., sat in his office and clicked his mouse.

 On the same day, the port office of zhoushan islands new area, customs, border inspection, maritime inspection and other port inspection units jointly signed the "notice on paperless customs clearance of international vessels at zhoushan port", which will be officially implemented on May 1. The mona left Hong Kong yesterday afternoon, becoming the first vessel to experience paperless customs clearance.

 Zheng fangbin, director of the port office of the new district, said that with the authorization of relevant ministries and commissions of the state, the paper materials of 44 kinds and more than 70 items totaling about 150 pages have been canceled, and only two documents including passports and temporary entry permits have been retained. Zhoushan has become the first paperless clearance port for inbound and outbound vessels in China.

 This is a breakthrough reform of Chinas current customs clearance mode. According to zheng fangbin, the state administration of oral administration plans to hold an experience exchange meeting in zhoushan in June this year to promote the model nationwide. "Fast! Looking at the electronic version of the departure card, jiang tao couldnt believe it. He said that according to the previous declaration process, after the online declaration still need to hold a thick paper material, run customs, border inspection, inspection and quarantine, maritime affairs four Windows, the most successful also need 1 hour, if the window need to wait in line, may take half a day.

 Jiang tao made a comparison before and after paperless customs clearance: before, the whole process of entering and exiting the customs clearance was completed, and it took 16 hours to go back and forth more than 8 times. Now relying on the "single window" online declaration, the whole process "zero errands", paperless, only need 3 hours at most.

 The 300,000-ton oil tanker "kaisheng" docked at terminal 5 of zhoushan aoshan xingzhong oil terminal yesterday afternoon, and the Korean captain ou song yong praised the paperless pass of zhoushan port: the daily rent of the oil tanker is 304,000 us dollars, and the clearance speed is accelerated, making the ship profitable.

 Zheng binfeng, deputy manager of shipping department of zhoushan ocean shipping agency co., LTD., has been dealing with foreign shipping companies for 20 years. He calculated the benefits of paperless customs clearance: for a ship with a daily rental of $150,000, the daily berthing fee would be RMB 20,000. If the ship owner saves one day, the economic benefits of ship operation efficiency would be more than usd 80,000.

 Data from the port office of the new district shows that 10,771 vessels entered and exited the zhoushan port last year. So far this year, the number of inbound and outbound vessels has reached 3,411.

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